Car Brands in Germany: Viral Articles in the Second Half of July

Content Fleet Content Fleet 03/08/2015
Car Brands in Germany: Viral Articles in the Second Half of July
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Media report about Audi, users talk about Porsche. While publishers focus on the new Audi models, the social networks are affected by a different subject: the termination of a Porsche trainee, who was booted out because of a racist statement. Content Fleet's data shows which articles about the automotive industry caused the loudest buzz.

Classic Online Media Reports on Audi and VW


The death of a worker at the VW plant in Baunatal did not only account for the most online coverage on the German car brands in the first half of July. The posts on the tragic accident also triggered the most shares, likes and comments on social media. In the second half of the month, Volkswagen and its 1104 publications lands in 2nd place among car brands on which the most online articles are published in Germany. Audi gained more media attention with 1122 publications.



Audi's new models account for the most social media reactions for in reports on the company, so its good publicity for the company from Ingolstadt. A report on their partnership with FC Augsburg and two accident-related new posts are among the top ten most viral articles for keyword Audi.



The buzz around Volkswagen, however, emerges from entirely different topics. The news report from, which reported about VW Toyota taking over as the largest automobile manufacturer in the world, gained approximately 3,000 social media reactions. Other publishers reach social networking users with this topic as well, but the number of reactions remains in the triple digits. A report from on the Sharan commercial showing a gay couple with their daughter provoked around 1,000 shares, likes and comments. In the popular social media are also reports on individual models, as well as comparisons to other manufacturers, a report on an accident, as well as articles on sales figures.



Social Media: Porsche Scores with Trainee Termination


But neither Audi nor VW account for the most social media reactions. The termination of a Porsche apprentice for a xenophobic post is the top issue, especially on Facebook. In the ranking of viral articles (in terms of popularity in the social networks), the story appears 7 times, with the article from WELT boasting the most shares, likes and comments at a count of around 16,000. Overall, the story accounts for about 44,000 social media reactions.



Most publishers report neutrally about the regrets of the car manufacturer and the termination in response to the trainee's post. Overall, these articles have a positive effect on the brand's image, representing itself well with its negative attitude towards all forms of discrimination. The author of the article on, however, takes a clear stand and would like to see others respond as clearly as Porsche, when they are confronted with xenophobia. A long article from Süddeutsche is also critical. It states that the signal that Porsche is sending is only good for Porsche, that the automaker uses it to ensure public acclaim for itself. And it continues that the now former trainee is in shambles and deserved a second chance.


Conclusion: Not All Publications Automatically Cause Buzz


The evaluation of the Storybeat data for the second half of July shows that it may not suffice for German automobile manufacturers to be the most mentioned in classic online media. 936 articles have been published about Audi, but in the ranking of viral articles, Audi landed for the first time in 11th place. Contrarily, Porsche completely dominated the top ten viral articles, although, with 376, approximately 2.5 times fewer articles appeared online in comparison to the keyword Audi.