Car Brands in Germany: Who's Ahead in the Beginning of July?

Content Fleet Content Fleet 16/07/2015
Car Brands in Germany: Who's Ahead in the Beginning of July?

Volkswagen is the car brand with the largest online media coverage in Germany in the first half of July. Content Fleet's blog explains why VWs' marketer can't be satisfied yet.

VW: The Master of Negative Headlines


At first glance, Volkswagen is clearly in the lead. From July 1st to 15th, the keywords VW and Volkswagen were mentioned in a total of 902 online publications. Mercedes or Mercedes(-)Benz falls in the second tier of mentions with a total of 491 publications, followed by Audi (366), Porsche (339) and Opel (247).



But only those who believe the motto that bad news is still good news would choose the Wolfsburg brand as the most successful car brand in the online comparison. Because the articles with the widest coverage include the news of a tragic accident at the VW plant in Baunatal, in which an employee was killed by a robot. The articles on alone about the issue invoked 4,940 reactions on the social networks, reporting 1,523 on and another 1,407 on Focus Online.


Their competitors, however, are also not pulling in exclusively positive headlines. The Handelsblattarticle "How Telsa Aggravates the Germans," which reports on how the US automakers are winning more and more market share in the luxury segment in Germany, provoked 3,381 shares, likes and comments.


Mercedes CLS: Good for the Brand Image


Only considering the publications with a positive influence on the image of any of these automotive manufacturers, Mercedes is in the lead. The articles in the Auto section of Bild on the new CLS (2,760 social media reactions) and on the new C-Class Coupé (1,651) both reach significantly more users than the articles on the Audi RS 4 Avant on (1.401) and (1,116) or on the Abt tuned Q7 (1,402). Volkswagen, however, is represented in the top ten viral articles on social media in the first half of July with zero positive topics.