Facebook Posting: The Heartbeat of Social Media Marketing [Infographics]

Content Fleet Content Fleet 05/10/2015
Facebook Posting: The Heartbeat of Social Media Marketing [Infographics]

What is the number of posts required to breathe life into a Facebook company page? One, two or 50 per day? Content Fleet´s Big Data Analysis reveals which frequencies lead to success as well as differences between the posting strategies of major brands.

[Timeframe: July 15th to September 15th, 2015]


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Red Bull: The Excessives

Moderation is a virtue that Red Bull marketers do not embrace. Unlike other brands who create one or two posts a day, the beverage maker flips between extremes. Sometimes several weeks pass without a single post, whereas at other times the number of posts on their Facebook company page seems to explode, reaching 50 or more a day. Between July 15th and September 15th the brand´s Facebook activities increased by a factor of 15, from 43 posts in the previous timeframe to 626 posts.


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Their social media engagement of the last two months shows that Red Bull´s posting frequency is much closer to genius than to insanity. With their 15-day campaign the marketers were able to almost double the number of social media responses.


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The company from Austria regularly puts on events that are worth writing about. Hence, their posting strategy is event-driven. Adventurous motocross races in the Carpathian Mountains, the Red Bull Flugtag in Moscow, the Red Bull 400 Uphill Sprint in the Black Forest and many more. At the end of July and beginning of August the Red Bull calendar is brimming with sponsoring events. Add to this Lazaro Schaller´s cliff jumping world record and Robbie Madison´s motocross surfing. These are sensational feats and they are rewarded by a sensational engagement of up to 301,000 responses per post.



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VW: The Moderates

Compared to Red Bull, VW´s social media strategy can be summarized in one word: consistency. Day after day the car manufacturer creates one to two Facebook posts. Sometimes even three. And this not only on work days but on weekends as well. In the last two months the VW marketers took as little as four days off. The result? A solid number of 67 Facebook posts within the last eight and a half weeks, a little less than in the previous two months.



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 Yet, consistency alone is not enough to get the VW fans in gear – compared to the previous timeframe the social media responses dropped by 48 percent to 34,800 shares, likes and comments. This could have a number of reasons: perhaps in the past VW had more campaigns to fuel their activities or they did a better job addressing their fans´ tastes.


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Interestingly, the post securing the most powerful social media engagement [3,000 shares, likes and comments] is a lesson in simplicity. A black and white photo shows a little boy in front of a Volkswagen, with the tagline “It´s never too early to choose a Volkswagen”. A surefire way to create nostalgia – as well as likes.


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Adidas: The Minimalists

Looking at Adidas´ Facebook activity it is hard to believe that the company has a “posting strategy” at all. In the past two months the sports apparel manufacturer settled for nine posts, a meager output and less than half of what they had posted in the previous timeframe.


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Can this minimalist approach be successful? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Adidas managed to increase its engagement rate by 3,900 percent to the staggering number of 1,300,000 shares, likes and comments.


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This was made possible by the heroes of the soccer field. A commercial from the “Unfollow your heroes” series with Mesut Özil accumulates a record of 689,906 shares, likes and comments. The Lionel Messi rendition produces 625,255 social media responses.


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Red Bull´s excessive Facebook campaign is paying off. With 3,600,000 shares, likes and comments the beverage maker manages to produce more social media responses than any other brand. Important: Red Bull is very good at holding its fire until they have something that´s really worth writing about.


Adidas is no wallflower either. Their nine Facebook posts (98 percent less than Red Bull) generate the unbelievable number of 1,300,000 responses, an average of 144,444 responses per post. A truly astounding yield which even Red Bull (5,750 shares, likes and comments per post) cannot surpass.


Red Bull scores with an avalanche of event-driven posts, whereas Adidas relies on famous soccer players. With its laid-back posting approach VW is unable to compete. The car manufacturer´s engagement rate plummets by 48.57 percent. Apparently, always driving with your foot on the brakes is just not enough if you want to gear up the Facebook community.


Data Basis

This analysis was conducted with the Content Fleet Big Data technology and based on the following parameters:

  • number of posts on company pages mentioned
  • shares, likes and comments per post
  • overall number of social media responses