IFA 2015: Who Has Been Making Headlines Before the Fair Opens?

Content Fleet Content Fleet 02/09/2015
IFA 2015: Who Has Been Making Headlines Before the Fair Opens?
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The IFA (International Fair for Consumer and Household Electronics) opens its gates in Berlin on September 4. Which products turn out to be the stars with the visitors remains to be seen. But based on our analysis of data in the Content Fleet Storybeat it is already clear which brands have best positioned themselves as IFA keywords in internet in the last six months.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 of Equal Interest to Publishers and Users

Samsung‘s Galaxy Note 5 has been the most prominent talking point in the context of the IFA 2015 in the last six months, not only with publishers but also with users of social media. Just the rumor in May that Samsung was going to exhibit the Galaxy Note 5 at the IFA 2015 generated a great deal of excitement. Then first the announcement that the Phablet could be launched earlier and then the publiscising of the actual launch date has gone viral. With the exception of 3rd slot (an article on the ASUS VivoWatch) and 7th slot (rumors about Sony’s Xperia Z5) all other articles in the Top Ten ranking of publications with the most generated social media reaction are related to the Samsung Galaxy 5.


Most Important Keywords in the Context of IFA

Keywords relating to Samsung Galaxy Note in different variations dominate the rankings of the most prominent keywords in the context IFA. Half of the top ten keywords, including those in first and second position go to the South Korean company.

Sony and Huawei are also in the top ten most prominent keywords in the IFA context. Sony is in 3rd place and with the keyword Sony Xperia also in 6th place. Huawei is 5th.

Non-brand keywords such as “smartphone“ (9th place) and “smartwatch“ (10th place) have also made it into the ranking of the top ten keywords in the IFA context. The articles associated with “smartphone“ originate from different producers, although Sony is named most frequently. However, taking a closer glance at the articles associated with the keyword “smartwatch“ reveals that most of the publications are about Samsung, or more precisely about the smartwatch Gear S2.


In Which Countries is the IFA a Topic of Interest?

By far the most publications (approx. 2,000) on the IFA in the six months running up to the opening have been published in published in Germany, the host country of the home and consumer electronics fair. While there are about 800 articles originating from the USA, there are considerably less from UK (approx. 230), France (approx. 170) and Italy (approx. 150).


Publishers: Does Mass Necessarily Generate Popularity in Social Media?

The most active publisher comes from Italy. With 119 publications HDblog.it has run the most articles associated with the keyword IFA since March 2015. PocketNow.com follows in second place with 70 articles. However, while PocketNow.com has generated on average around 338 social media reactions from each of its publications, including up to 1,500 shares, likes and comments from its most popular articles, HDblog.it has been less popular in the social networks. Only 5 of their articles have reached a social media reaction of three digits with most remaining in the region of two digit counts. On average the Italian blog has only generated 26 social media reactions per article. When considering the population in the USA compared to that in Italy PocketNow.com is more successful in the social media, however, not to the factor of 13 but only in the region of 2,6.

Considerably less social media reaction has been generated by articles by Inside-Handy.de (3rd place in the table of publishers with the most publications) and Softpedia (4th place). These have published 70 and 60 articles respectively, which have resulted in almost no resonance in the social media.


Every Article a Viral Hit

When looking at social media reaction per published article, PocketNow.com is, however, not the most successful publisher. The Verge, Android Authority and Android Central have generated far more interaction:

  1. The Verge: 3 articles, 4,337 social media reactions, Average: 1,445 social media reactions per article
  2. Android Authority: 31 articles, 20,470 social media reactions, Average: 660 social media reactions per article
  3. Android Central: 13 articles, 6,382 social media reactions, Average: 491 social media reactions per article

So if you look at the total input invested in the publishing of one article in relation to the reach and engaged response generated, mass is not necessarily an advantage.

IFA 2015 on Facebook: Where is Samsung?

As successful as Samsung has been with the publishers, the picture is different when you look on Facebook. Here two celebs, Clueso and Judith Rakers, command most of the shares, likes and comments. Clueso posts since the beginning of June have been dominated by a ticket draw for concert tickets. The keyword IFA features because the singer was to perform at the IFA Sommergarten (summer garden) on the opening day of the fair. He had a reach of 5,000 Facebook users. The TV presenter Judith Rakers generated about 2,000 reactions from a post of a photo of an IFA press event in July.

When looking at producers of electronic goods we see that the brands that feature on Facebook are different from those that predominate with the publishers. LG Mobile and LG Electronics take the 3rd, 4th and 9th place in the rankings for the most viral postings on Facebook. The provider ZTE reached 5th place, and Asus 8th position. Dyson at 7th place shows a producer of household appliances has managed to get into the top ten. Master Card’s draw for tickets to the Music meets Media Party also reached many Facebook users which shows that even a credit card company has been able to use the IFA keyword to generate attention.


Twitter: Samsung und Sony Just Ahead of Huawei

Looking at the keyword IFA and associated hashtags it is clear that Twitter is the news ticker of the social networks and that many publishers use this medium to disseminate their articles. In the same way as with classical media Samsung has also used this to generate interest – but it is not alone. As well as Samsung (1st, 7th and 8th place in the rankings of the most viral tweets) Sony, too, has managed to get to 2nd and 10th place with Huawei (3rd and 9th place), Microsoft (5th place) and Lenovo (6th) all in the top ten. Fourth place is shared by Motorola, LG, Asus and Huawei thanks to an Android smartwatches‘ Tweet from Android Authority.



Samsung demonstrates that it can be worthwhile for a producer of consumer electronics to generate and feed rumours to publicise the arrival of a particular device before specific details of the launch are announced. It is especially effective to harness the power of the IFA keyword early on to generate attention of publishers and users well in advance of the fair.

However, producers should not only target information at publishers but also cultivate their own social media channels. While Samsung failed to appear in the Facebook posting rankings, brands like LG and ASUS has prompted much interaction in the social network.

Many publishers have been able to generate a lot of buzz on Twitter, but brands can also reach the public directly this way as demonstrated by Lenovo.