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Strategies We make sure your content pays off

We know how to make content a profitable business. Whether you are looking to increase reach in order to spread your message, to boost retention or to drive online sales, we engage your target audience in measurable ways. Our team supports brands in choosing the right content strategy, KPIs and timing.

Increase reach

Reach is crucial to increase brand awareness. With high-performing content we generate traffic, which is essential to reach your KPIs.

Boost retention

Quality content is the key to costumer satisfaction and sustainable marketing success. Our products are designed to perfectly resonate with your target group.

Drive online sales

Content sells. Our strategists technologically optimize your conversion funnels to ensure better results in transactions.

Case Study Global telco player organically gained 15M unique users within 9 months.
+0.75M facebook visitors per month

Creation We produce more than 15,000 global stories monthly

Based on our big data technology more than 70 in-house content experts and 10.000+ freelancers globally detect the web’s hottest stories.

Creation Desk

Content Fleet developed technology for one purpose only: to create superior content. Our software enables us to publish content on portals or social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. Highly successful projects like Curved or Deutsche Bundesliga are managed through the Creation Desk production suite. Much more than simply a CMS.

+factor 13.2 social media engagement +factor 118 facebook follower
Case Study Global sports brand increases Facebook followers by 285 % within 6 months.

Data Technology We use the power of big data

Our technology scans more than 100,000 publishers with 1,2 million pieces of content daily - in real-time. We also keep track of all engaging actions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Big data allows us to create impressive and successful strategies for your content marketing.

Case Study Publishing company increases facebook traffic by the factor of 27 through Content Fleet.
+84% organic visits

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Content Fleet We create content that pays off

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Head of Data Solutions
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