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With Content Marketing, we craft digital content for our customers that is fun, creates additional value and is measurably effective.

Your target group has demands - and rightly so. Content is easy to come by. It better be good.

It‘s all about your customers

Reach the right target audience with the right content – via the channels they feel the most at home with.

We meet our customers‘ goals by working in a way that is cost-efficient, data-validated and transparent. Achieving measurable effects on markets and sales through high-quality contacts, reduced dispersion wastage and low costs per click.

For your audience
Relevance is the prerequisite for satisfied readers and customers, and for a positive image. We create Content Marketing strategies that are perfectly tailored to your interests and those of your target audience.
Achieving reach
Reach is essential for your success. With optimised distribution, we create long-term audience interest – for the prominence of your brand, for your products and services, and for your sales.
Making it worthwhile
We make the success of Content Marketing measurable. We put our customers‘ KPIs at the forefront of our strategy development and measure our success by them.
Content marketing with Content Fleet

More heart. More understanding. More success.

Content Marketing - Why?

To put it simply: Relevant digital content directs target audiences to your channels. With a higher quality of contact, you have sustainable links to more people, who you are then able to reach with your communications and products.

You create added value for your customers and along with it, trust in your brand. In this way you increase your potential customer base at the same time as cementing your relationship with your existing customers. Growth and consolidation in one – what could be better?

Performance is created from the sum of all parts

Our own experience tells us: you get the best results when you do things yourself.

To make sure there are no hitches in the process of value creation, we – as a 100% digitally thinking and working agency - offer all service areas from a single source. This works better and faster. It’s more efficient and more successful.

Digital instinct: plan, measure, learn

The more information we gain about our target audience, the better we can meet their expectations – and those of our customers.

All things content

All forms, all topics, all channels – there‘s nothing we can‘t produce for you.

Whether it‘s news, how-to guides or reports and reviews, about health, finances, automotive services, technology or lifestyle, for websites or social media channels, we can do it.

Over 75 experienced editors and an established network of freelancers create what is right and essential – for you and your target audience. In text, image, video and sound.

Trusted by our customers

As a leading agency for performance-oriented Content Marketing, we work on an equal footing with strong brands. Our satisfied customers include multinational businesses and DAX companies, as well as renowned agencies and large, well-known media companies.

Solid foundations

Our recommendations are data-related and insight-based, allowing us to develop successful content for our customers. Instinct is useful and important, but best when it’s supported by digital comparisons.

Reach, user behaviour and signals, conversion – we measure everything, validate our strategies and re-evaluate potentials. So that our strategies and projects can live and grow.

Content Fleet - people with heart and understanding

Philip Dipner

CEO, Managing Director
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Tom Nollau

Director Consulting (new business)
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Gaby Köchel

Director Content
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Max Braun

Director SEO/Performance
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Franziska Runge

Director Consulting
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Thorsten Habermann

Director Consulting
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Benjamin Bockholdt

Executive Head of Content
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Jean-Pierre Lambelet

Lead Portal Developer
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Eva Karnowski

Editor-in-chief "Service"
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Leyla Pilz

Editor-in-chief "Lifestyle"
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Guido Karsten

Editor-in-chief "Men"
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Manuela Beulke

Lead Content Quality Assurance
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Piotr Budnik

Head of Project Management
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Bastian Lotze

Head of Social Media
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Christian Seppelt

Lead Media Designer
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Timo Schönborn

Senior Manager Finance & Accounting
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Alix Poensgen

Human Resources Manager
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