Privacy Policy


This statement is directed at all visitors to our website, our customers and our partners. It becomes of importance whenever we receive data about you. It does not matter whether a contract exists between us or not.

In any case, this declaration is intended to make it transparent to you how we handle data.


 The legally responsible authority for all data-related issues is the company named in the ‘Legal notice’ section of Content Fleet’s website. You can contact the management named there, or our data protection officer:

Content Fleet GmbH
c/o Ströer Digital Media GmbH – 14. Stock
Platz der Einheit 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

A Data Protection Officer is not bound by the management’s direction. You can also contact him/her by e-mail: datenschutz@contentfleet.com

If you want to assert your rights, please click here.


When you create a user account with us or enter into a contract with us as a customer, we create a customer account in our system. This account contains the master data you have entered, your order and, if applicable, your billing data (‘customer data’). We store and process this data because otherwise we would not be able to fulfil the contract with you.

Your computer sends us your IP address when you use our websites and, depending on the type of use and the settings of your computer, we store small text files on your hard disk (‘cookies’). We create these files so that our website works better for you. It is a kind of short-term memory of your browser.

We also create text files on our system which may contain the following information about you: browser type and version, operating system used, the URL of the website you came from, the name of your computer and the time (‘log files’). The log files cannot be directly linked by us to specific persons. We do not combine this data with cookies or IP addresses. However, we reserve the right to evaluate this data retroactively in individual cases if we have specific evidence of illegal use. The log files help us to understand the types of computers our websites need to work on and when particularly large (or small) number of people use our websites. This way, the websites’ structure, server and database system can be adjusted accordingly.


We do not process all of your data ourselves, but use programs and services from other companies (‘Tools’). We will change the tools we use from time to time if we consider it appropriate for legal, technical or economic reasons.

We currently use the following tools for the management and provision of data (in particular IP addresses, cookies and log files). Behind the link you will find the company that provides us with the tool:

  • Google Analytics measures number of visitors to the website 
  • Amazon Web Services (website operation, server space)
  • Datev (management of master data, accounting)
  • Sistrix (SEO-Analyse) (management of master data, accounting)
  • Semrush (SEO and software analysis)
  • HQLabs (project management within the company)
  • awork ( (project management within the company)
  • JetBrains (frontend development)
  • Mailchimp (contact details, e-mails to large groups)
  • Slack (communication within the company)
  • Microsoft Teams (communication within the company)

The data will not be forwarded to providers or storage locations in countries outside the European Union.


We will store your data until the order is completed or until the legal retention periods have expired. These are defined, in particular, in Section 27 of the HGB (German Commercial Code), which regulates the storage of business documents.


You have the statutory right to request information about the data we have stored at any time. If, despite our efforts to ensure that data is correct and up-to-date, incorrect information about you is stored, we will correct it as soon as possible at your request.


If you feel that we are not fulfilling our duty to inform you, you have the right to complain to a supervisory authority (e.g. the data protection officer of a federal state in Germany).


You are not obliged to provide us with your data and you can revoke your consent to the storage or processing of your data at any time.

If you revoke your consent to use these tools, we may no longer be able to fulfil existing contracts between us or we may have to switch to solutions that are less convenient for you. If you revoke your consent to data processing, our service to you may become impossible, although this will not release you from your own service obligations.


If we intend to process your data for a purpose other than the one for which you have given them to us, we will provide you with specific information about this other purpose and the reason for our intention before such processing takes place, so that you have the opportunity to object to such processing.

End of the data protection policy